Valentine Silks Review By Roni

How could a girl not feel loved given a pair of these Valentine Silks from Eye-Catcher? Lest you forget, golden hearts, the centerpiece of these silks, are a constant reminder of what they represent. Paying attention guys?!?!? A pair of hearts connected by three delicate chains clip seductively to the nipples. Three lusciously red silks hang from each, inviting a gentle tug just to hear the squeal. Eek! Two slender gold bands encircle the waist. These are decorated by two larger hearts in both front and back (look at the detail in the close up above), and several smaller ones around the hips. Layers of ankle length silks drape from each, all shimmery when I sway gently moving from pose to pose. As an added bonus, all of the hearts are equipped with bling which lights up on both the top and bottom. The random sparkles really catch the eye. They were so quick and subtle I was only able to capture one n the picture above after several tries. I would mention that Constanza is more slightly built and designs to her own specification, I think, so these did not quite fit as I might have liked. But with a quick edit I was able to adjust the size and position of the top to fit my figure. Constanza first showed me how to do that, btw, and is happy to assist with fittings. Eye-Catcher in BDSM-life Best of all, these are available now for only $250L at any Eye-Catcher Silks and Shoes outlet. 🙂

Posted by Roni Scarmon at 5:05 AM