RunBound Silks Review By Roni

Eye-Catcher’s Constanza Amsterdam has surprised me with the most unusual set of silks I’ve seen yet. Although not entirely unheard of, a quick search of the SOSL blog turned up only one other silk collection for men. And apparently, even more difficult than finding male silks, is finding a man who will model them for a review. lol Consie made both easier for me, first by creating these sexy new Runbound Silks, and then by providing a hot bod to model them! Starting from the top, Consie has wisely left the chest clear. Instead, she has created a long flowing scarf which fastens on either side of the neck with silver and gold buttons. It then flows down the back to the ankles in three tight layers. Or is that really a collar and leash? As you can see above, Consie has made the top silks deliberately narrow to appreciate your slave’s better qualities. A trio of silks in front and back form the bottom skirt, a longer one in the middle and shorter tassels on either side provide just a modicum of privacy. The belt is a single hoop, decorated with gold and silver embossed shields that randomly flash to catch the eye. A pair of matching silk wrist bands complete the collection. Runbound Silks are available in 5 sharp colors: black, grey, green, blue, and of course the red set I am wearing here. They are the perfect gift for that well loved slave, to let him know how much you value him! Buy Runbound Silks at all Eye-Catcher Silks and Shoes outlets for only $250L!
Posted by Roni Scarmon at 10:25 AM