Rahana Silks Review By Roni

No silk collection would be complete without at least one of Constanza Amsterdam’s Eye-Catcher’s silks. Her craftsmanship is superb! And, her silks set the standard. Additionally, she is offering a discount of up to 50% on her creations in recognition of the economic slump. These items and other accessories are also available at onrez, xStreet and in 16 other shops across SL.

The Rahana/Rilana collection crowns Consie’s eye catching assortment of sexy silks. The basic set consists of floor length silks that flare to cover the feet, topped by a gorgeous belt and linked privacy panel. Also provided are a matching bra, subtly adorned with chains, and complementary arm bands. Silks and top are available in 5 shimmering colors: white, yellow, black, red and pink. The pink silks are my favorite color, as you can see. The only difference between the sets is that the chains and bangles are silver in the Rilana outfits, and gold in Rahana.

What makes the Eye-Catcher silks truly unique is the intuitive, self-updating HUD. Use it to earn Lindens, if you are an exotic dancer, or perform a private lap dance to seduce your lover. The interface consists of nine floating buttons, but may be minimized to one to reduce screen clutter when not in use. Select from six built-in dances, and add up to five more, so there’s no need to rez a dance pole or touch a dance ball. The light particle emitter may be switched on to attract even more attention, as if that was necessary in these stunning silks!

But what really caught my eye when I first saw Consie’s silks in action, was that others can tear them off by just touching them! The skirt, bra, and belt display a menu when clicked, and the wearer may choose whether or not to remove that part. The selected item is torn off in an animated flourish and tossed into the air, where it gently floats to the ground at his feet! And when ready, simply click a single button to be fully clothed again. I’ve seen nothing like this in any other silk!

Eye-Catcher in BDSM-life

A basic set of either style in any color is a steal for $399L!!!