Mariposa Silks

In Spanish, Mariposa means butterfly, and you can quickly see why these silks form Eye-Catcher’s Mariposa collection. The horizontal lines of the belt, a simple gold hoop, and the vertical lines of the silks themselves draw the eye automatically to the two large, ornate gold butterflies worn at the center. Each of the other pieces features a smaller butterfly, as well. Mariposa silks are available in a variety of colors: lavender, red, white, black, yellow, and pink. A set of smaller silk tassels dangle from a pair of butterflies that clip to the nipples. These are joined together by a trio of delicate gold chains that drape seductively across the cleavage. To complete this outfit, a pair of matching bangles and tassels clips elegantly to the arms.

Eye-Catcher in BDSM-life

Mariposa silks are available without the animation HUD described above for only $450L, or like the others, may be purchased with the HUD for $800L. Consie is also offering a fat pack of all 6 colors discounted to $2400L, so if like me, you simply can’t make up your mind.