French Maid Review by Bamika

If anyone in SL was still in denial that Maid can be a sexual fetish role one look at French Maid by Eye-Catcher (Constanza Amsterdam) should show them the truth in all it’s black satin glory. From the glint of her filigree slave collar to the tip of padlocked fetish ballet pumps this dress is making a statement: Maids are sexy! There’s very little to find fault with in this outfit. It’s sexy without being crude, the overall lines are swishy and feminine and very pleasing to the eye. One thing I really like about this dress: It’s complete – stockings, undies, shoes, even a slave collar! You won’t be desperately hunting around for matching stockings and accessories for this one. Nice. The flexi skirt is 95 prims, while I could stretch and shrink it quite happily it’s simply too many prims to mess with on a prim by prim basis to get an exact fit. I have a unique plus sized avatar with a big bum so I had to find a balance that keeps everything covered without making the skirt so large that it sticks out at the side. However this is an issue I have with every prim skirt attachment. I feel I was able to get a decent fit without too much trouble. At 499L it’s a little more expensive than some outfits out there, but when you factor in the lovely satin fetish boots it’s a bargain. These are shoes you may well want to wear with other clothes – A definite feature of the outfit. Inclusion of a free filigree Open Collar may raise a few eyebrows, but it’s so sweet and pretty that all the girls will want one, right? It’s all about adding value for the customer. All indications are that Miss Amsterdam knows her market very well.

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