Dark Seduction Magazine

Silken Kajira is a new monthly article that will be reviewing and showcasting a few silks from designers for those slaves and Kajira that are always on the lookout for that special something to make their Masters visual pleasure a little more sensual and sexy.

This months Designer in the spot light is Constanza Amsterdam owner and designer of “Eye-Catcher” Designs with two items from her collection: Dragonfly Silks (No script) and Mariposa (Scripted).

Dragonfly Silks lives up to its name proving the wearer with an ethereal look of elegance. Wit a sparkling jewel adorning the front of the silks bottom shaped yes a Dragonfly, the sparkling gems added delicacy and the garment. The silk comes unscripted and is a must have for any Kajira or slave. The silk also currently only comes in one color which is a violet.

Mariposa Silk is equally as elegant as her sister silk the Dragonfly offering a delicate frame for the silks on the Kajira and allowing for free flow movement during any dance performed. The silks comes in six different colors… Black, Red, White, Yellow, Pink and Violet (Purple). The silk is also full scripted allowing the Kajira or Master the freedom to remove any part from the top to the bands….this is a must have.

Enjoy and remember be safe and be consensual.