Affiliate Program

Start your own JariCat shops today with the JariCat Affiliate Pack!

This pack contains:

– JariCat Fashions Reseller Multi Vendors.
– JariCat Fashions Reseller single Vendors.
– JariCat Fashions Shop Logo
– JariCat Fashions Landmarkgiver
– JariCat Fashions Example shop 50 prims

You can place these vendors every where you want in Second Life and as much as you want, and earn 50% solid commission on every sale you make via our vendors after the 2% commission from Hippo.


Welcome to the JariCat Fashions Family!  By purchasing this official affiliation vendor kit you are one step further into earning a lucrative income in Second Life!  Please read this information over carefully as it’s your Users Agreement and will outline the scope of this program and how you can get support if needed.

By placing this vendor anywhere it is turned online and therefore able to sell item(s) which will produce revenue for you, you will agree to the following criteria:
1)  You will not conduct or represent yourself in a way whereas customers will think, or may think, that you are the creator of the products sold in the vendor or that you are in the position of ownership of  JariCat Fashions, trademarked as  JariCat Fashions;
2)  You will promise not to provide product support to fix or correct any issues with the products sold in the vendor;
3)  You will promise not to create products under the  JariCat Fashions name for your own profit whereas you represent yourself as a creator of products for  JariCat Fashions;
4)  You will not take custom orders under the  JariCat Fashions name whereas you represent yourself as a creator of products for  JariCat Fashions.

By joining the ‘ JariCat Fashions Official Affiliates’ group, you will have a direct-line access to other affiliate owners as well as to product support and information with Constanza Amsterdam.  New items will be announced in the group, prompting you to reset your vendors to download the latest product line.  The group is not open enrollment so you will need to have an invite sent to you.  Please use the group to report issues with any vendors which won’t connect.  If there is no responce then contact Constanza Amsterdam directly.

You are responsible for the locations you place the vendors.   JariCat Fashions, Constanza Amsterdam or any officially listed representative of  JariCat Fashions is responsible for the placement or production of the vendors.  Owning the Affiliate Vendor is an extension of your own business.  The more you place, the more chance you have to make money.   JariCat Fashions, Constanza Amsterdam or any officially listed representative of  JariCat Fashions is not responsible to pay any rent incurred by you placing vendors out in Second Life.

When you place the vendor out, it will automatically connect and download products from the server.  You shouldn’t have to do anything from that point on unless a notice has been sent out to update the vendor for new products.

If you are given a notice of failed product distributions from a customer, please follow these very important steps.  Failure to do this will result in no reply as there won’t be complete information to follow through on.  Keep in mind that  JariCat Fashions wont give any refunds. Hand out the notecard “Customer Service Request – YOUR NAME HERE” and let the customer fill it in, save it and drag it to my profile. If there is information missing, i wont reply to it.

The affiliate program is only available in the mainstore at Bastet

Constanza Amsterdam